My Baby Benjamin’s Nails

I have been so MIA from updating this blog post the last four months for the best reason possible. My husband and I had the most beautiful baby boy on June 4th! His name is Benjamin Philip Zaro and he is perfect in every way. He definitely takes after his mommy and loves to have his nails done . I would like to say that this is some inherent need for nice nails he was born with but I think the fact that I have been trimming his nails since day one has helped him to get used to the fact that this is going to be apart of his routine. I started out only cutting his nails while he was sleeping but as he got a little older I began to snip one or two while he was awake. I would show him the nail clipper and talk him through everything I was doing. Having me talk the whole time helped to distract him from what was going on. Now, at 4 months, as soon as he sees the nail clipper come out he completely relaxes and lets me do my thing. To any new mommy reading this…start clipping ASAP! get them used to it and keep them from having to wear those silly mittens so they don’t scratch up their faces! Here is my favorite baby nail trimmer and a brief article from on how to get started. And below are some pics of my baby B for you to enjoy :O)