BLAKE LIVELY….her her dress with pockets

I gave Blake Lively a mani/pedi last night for her Chanel Bijoux de Diaments 80th Anniversary accessories event. She looked amazing and her nails were sooo pretty, but alas, her hands were hidden inside the pockets of her dress for the entire red carpet…A dress with pockets…every manicurist’s mortal enemy. I used Zoya’s Carey , a grey neutral, on her hands & feet. It looked awesome with the dress…I promise! ha



UPDATE: I was able to find some close-ups of Blake’s nails. YEAH!


Fashion Week Spring 2013: JENNY PACKHAM

For the Jenny Packham show we went old school with a simple french manicure, but gave it a twist by applying Essie’s Luxeffects Pure Pearlfection over the entire nail. We used Essie Marshmallow to coat the nail and Essie Waltz to make the white tip. Its was simple, understated and gorgeous all at the same time.


Fashion Week Spring 2013: CLOVER CANYON

I do not like long fake nails….BUT for fashion week I can make an exception. For the Clover Canyon show we used imPRESS press on nails in High Hopes on all the models. We shaped them to an active length (fancy way of saying just a little bit of length over the edge of the finger) oval. If you are looking for some length without the commitment then check out imPRESS by Broadway Nails.


Fashion Week Spring 2013: MATHIEU MIRANO

Being a new mommy has kept me so busy! This is why I could only work on 3 shows for Fashion Spring Fashion Week 2013.

The first show was Mathieu Mirano. This show required two different looks. Most of the models received a more translucent manicure using Essie’s As Gold As It Gets. A select few got a more dramatic look where we used Essie’s Going Incognito ( a gorgeous green tone) layered with Essie’s Stroke of Brilliance  (glittery blue) from the Luxeffects line. Both were amazing.



*a good tip when applying anything from the Luxeffects line (or any glittery polish) is to dab the polish on over the nail from cuticle to tip,  instead of using strokes like you would with regular polish. Dabbing lets you get the glitter evenly over the nail, where as trying to paint the glitter on like you would with nail polish makes it all clump up at the tip.



My Baby Benjamin’s Nails

I have been so MIA from updating this blog post the last four months for the best reason possible. My husband and I had the most beautiful baby boy on June 4th! His name is Benjamin Philip Zaro and he is perfect in every way. He definitely takes after his mommy and loves to have his nails done . I would like to say that this is some inherent need for nice nails he was born with but I think the fact that I have been trimming his nails since day one has helped him to get used to the fact that this is going to be apart of his routine. I started out only cutting his nails while he was sleeping but as he got a little older I began to snip one or two while he was awake. I would show him the nail clipper and talk him through everything I was doing. Having me talk the whole time helped to distract him from what was going on. Now, at 4 months, as soon as he sees the nail clipper come out he completely relaxes and lets me do my thing. To any new mommy reading this…start clipping ASAP! get them used to it and keep them from having to wear those silly mittens so they don’t scratch up their faces! Here is my favorite baby nail trimmer and a brief article from on how to get started. And below are some pics of my baby B for you to enjoy :O)