Amber Valletta

Candice Swanepoel Behind the Scenes

The Candice Swanepoel shoot I worked on towards the end of last year was shot at the Metropolitan Building in Long Island City. I had no idea what to expect, but once I got there I could see why Harper’s Bazaar picked it as the shoot location.  It is one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen! Would make the perfect venue for a wedding if anyone is looking :) Check out some of my behind the scenes photos below.


Harper’s Bazaar Behind the Scenes

On one of the Harper’s Bazaar shoots I worked on we got to take an amazing field trip to the very tip of Long Island to shoot on the beach in East Marion. We got lucky with the most perfect weather and conditions. The shoot turned out gorgeously! Check out some of my behind the scenes pics below.

Behind the Scenes with Jessica Chastain

Check out some of these behind the scenes pics from the ASOS shoot I worked on with Jessica Chastain.


Nail Art

Sometimes I get bored of wearing just one color. A fun way to beat the boredom is to add some fun and simple nail art to your nails. Check out some of my nail art below.

Zink Magazine

Talent: Krysten Ritter
Photogrpaher: Miranda Penn Turnin
Stylist: Illaria Urbanati
Makeup: Jake Bailey
Hair: Kristan Serafino
Location: Go Studio, NYC

Talent: Allie Gonino
Photographer: Spencer Wohlrab
Stylist: Dawn Lee Mitchell
Makeup: Jordy
Hair: Marc Mena
Location: StyleCaster Studio, NYC

Marie Claire UK

Talent: Christina Ricci
Photographer: Tesh
Stylist: Jane Pickering
Makeup: Kim Bowman
Hair: Ben Skervin
Location: Milk Studios, NYC


Model: Tabea
Photographer: Sven-Anton
Stylist: Mister Lee
Makeup: Romero Jennings
Hair: Seiji Uehara

Oyster Magazine

Talent: Christina Ricci
Photographer: Gregory Harris
Stylist: Stevie Dance
Makeup: Kim Bower
Hair: Creighton Bowman
Location: Fast Ashley’s Studio, Brooklyn NY